Crisis Ready Media – A non-profit Center for Journalist Safety


Our mission is to empower journalists with the knowledge and skills needed to report safely and effectively in hazardous environments. We are committed to providing comprehensive education, with the most current and relevant information, for journalists in The United States and around the world. Our aim is to equip journalists with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to navigate the challenges of reporting in areas affected by crisis, including natural disasters, civil unrest, high-threat situations, and conflict.

We will improve the physical safety and security, emotional resilience, and mental wellbeing of journalists. Crisis Ready Media is committed to supporting those who work tirelessly to bring important news to the public, ensuring that they can do so while minimizing risks to their personal and professional well-being.

We are dedicated to fostering a culture of safety within the journalism community. Crisis Ready Media will move beyond educational environments to conduct research and provide hazardous environment reporting for partnering non-profit organizations

Our Purpose

  1. Addressing a Critical Need: Journalism in hazardous environments is inherently risky, and there’s a vital need for specialized training and resources to ensure journalists’ safety. Crisis Ready Media will provide comprehensive training and support.
  2. Fostering a Culture of safety: The organization’s purpose extends beyond training; Crisis Ready Media is a partner in organizational planning. We offer counsel and recommend standards to mitigate risk and protect journalists, ensuring the public’s access to crucial information from conflict zones, disaster areas, and regions of civil unrest.
  3. Advocating for press freedom through safety and security: Crisis Ready Media is positioned to advocate for journalists’ rights and safety by advancing the cause of strengthening physical and emotional protection of journalists.

Our Vision

Crisis Ready Media envisions a world where journalists are equipped with the tools and empowered with the information to report safety, transforming the landscape of global journalism through resilience, awareness, and unyielding commitment to individual security and press freedom.